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About CVA
Owner / Operator


Carlos has worked in the fitness industry for the past ten years as a personal trainer.  His own experience as an athlete and competitive power lifter combined with a degree in Exercise Sports Science gives him the versatility to train a variety of clients. 

Carlos works with people from all walks of life who have many different fitness levels and goals.  He also works extensively with many types of athletes including football, basketball and soccer players as well as martial arts professionals. 

Carlos also gains experience from teaching Weight Training at a local community college. 

At Central Virginia Athletic and Barbell Club you will find unique weight training equipment, personalized service and the knowledge needed to attain your goals

About CVA Barbell


I founded CVA Barbell in 2005. My vision was and still is to have a gym where building

strong characters, teaching, learning, and passing on are the driving core values of the


Power Lifting

CVA fosters a powerlifting group unique from any other in the Fredericksburg area due to the experience of our lifters. Most of them have been training at CVA Barbell for over 8 years. This gives CVA Barbell an atmosphere that’s ideal for the seasoned competitor or developing lifter. 

Personal Training

Each client is started with an assessment. The assessment takes a look at past and current injuries, training experience, mobility and personal goals. The training program will be designed from the information gathered from the assessment. Personal training is offered in private to semi private (small groups) format.

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