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When I first walked into CVA Barbell, I didn't know anything about lifting weights. Sure I'd watched YouTube videos and tried a bunch of times, but I didn't know what I was doing and never stuck with it. Carlos worked with me, pushed me to give it my all. After a lot of hard work, I walked out with not only the confidence to know how to lift like the champions, I left with new friends. CVA Barbell is a family. A family that never lets anyone compromise or give less than their all. 

I'd encourage you to test yourself. Walk in, never quit, and see what you're really made of.

Will R. - Virginia Beach, Virginia

I've been working out at CVABarbell with Carlos for 8 years. I needed a personal trainer who knew their stuff and was motivating or I wouldn't stick with it. In my third year I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. It became even more important to keep moving and to do it safely. In additional to weight lifting Carlos encouraged me to add running 5Ks. My doctors approve of the training Carlos has me do. When I ruptured L4/L5, Carlos kept me moving as much and as safely as possible knowing this would help my surgery outcome. I was back at the gym post-op as soon as I could drive. In less than three months I was jogging again. My surgeon was stunned--most of his patients would "still be sitting on the couch taking pain meds." Last year I ran three 5Ks and I plan to run two this year and my first 10K. I trust Carlos as part of my medical team. He's always explained the purpose of an exercise or why one of the other client does something differently if I've asked. I've enjoyed working out at CVABarbell with the other clients and Carlos. Bottom line is CVABarbell is about safety, improvement, goals, and healthy fitness. I probably wouldn't be running, let alone even walking, without Carlos.

--Jennifer, 43, Fredericksburg

Wall of Achievement

Harrison squats 315lbs. for 3 sets of 2

Omar A. 500lb. Dead Lift

Justin 45" box jump

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